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Global Sourcing – Technology

Global Sourcing – Technology

Background European Client (XYZ) have niche technology currently not available in India and were looking at an Indian partner with a manufacturing set up, comparable to European standards, with the ability to sell to State Road Transport Corporations. ‘Virtual Director’ was bought in to help them achieve this objective. The Challenge Indian market is witnessing a massive funds infusion into its public transport system. The market is dominated by two players who are unable to meet the demand. Last three years has seen entry of blue chip names like Mercedes, Volvo, Man Group all of whom have tied up with Indian partners. XYZ identified the opportunity but needed help form ‘Virtual Director’ to make it happen. They needed local knowledge and the best advice to find the right Indian partner who could help them with the manufacturing as well as the ability to sell to State Road Transport Corporations. The Assignment Our ‘Virtual Director’ undertook a detailed assessment of the Indian market. This included an understanding of the various bus models on offer in the Indian market, pricing, customer segments, demand drivers and bus body regulations as well as a competitor analysis. Our ‘Virtual Director’s’ local market knowledge of Indian entry strategy was key in allowing him to identify the gaps in the Indian market so as to ensure XYZ made the appropriate product offering to its target market. team to target key industry verticals.


From the market research carried out, four potential partners were identified and plant visits were undertaken in order to have individual discussions with these potential shortlisted partners. Our Virtual Director made presentations on the findings to the Group Managing Director, Business Development Director and Production Director of XYZ He also coordinated a visit by Business Development Director of XYZ to India for a meeting with one of the largest automobile companies in India. This company is now interested in the technology being offered by XYZ and its wide range of products. This has resulted in a visit from this company by the company’s Vice Chairman to XYZ with a view of setting up a joint venture agreement for technical collaboration.